Latest pencil drawing “serenity” Hyperrealism.

This drawing was pencil on cartridge paper  420 x 594 mm This is Hyperrealism “An artistic style characterized by highly realistic graphic representation”. Hyperrealistic images can be up to typically  20 times the size of the original photographic reference source, yet retain an extremely high resolution in, precision and detail. Many Hyperrealistic paintings are achieved with an airbrush, using acrylics, oils or a combination of both. Mark achieves this with his pencil!serenity.jpg

Some of Mr-Arts work are so photorealistic that it is sometimes impossible to determine if the image is actually a photograph or a hyperrealistic drawing!  viewers of Marks work certainly look twice as his exceptional skill shines through his ultra realistic images drawing the audience in to the piece.

That said, these hyperrealistic  images are very time consuming some can take 60 hours plus!!

It takes pure dedication and an exceptional eye for detail that makes the image(s) so photorealistic, this is a skill that Mr-Art (Mark Reynolds) has embraced and mastered to such a high level they are amazing to look at, some people have actually questioned wether they are actual drawings or a really well snapped photograph when shared through social networks such as Twitter & Facebook!  Its certainly impressive work and a style Mark will be pursuing in his artistic career, and one that people  definitely want to see more of, taking in to account the amount of interest shown online and the amazement of friends and family!